The new MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice (MedTech Europe Code) will have a major impact on medical congresses and independent medical education.

divine [id] agency scrupulously follows these developments and adapts its activity by proposing a new hight-performing, reliable and efficient online tool for all events from January 1st 2018. This tool is for congress organizers and participants wishing to profit from the indirect costs. In addition, our agency has obtained MedTech’s “Ethical Charter” certification, which is a guarantee of its seriousness and knowledge of the regulations.The aim of the new code is to regulate the interactions between MedTech Europe’s member companies, healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations (e.g. academic societies, congress organizers, associations) in order to ensure that the support and business activities do not lead to misperceptions.That said, French legislation must be respected which results in certain complementary internal procedures.What is the biggest change? Direct financial support from companies to healthcare professionals to attend conferences (e.g. payment of registration, travel and accommodation fees) is increasingly criticized by the general public. This is why by the end of 2017, companies will no longer intervene in the choice of healthcare professionals. Support for Continuing Medical Education will only be provided through educational grants in compliance with local authority legislation.

What is the timeline for these changes? Direct financial finding of healthcare professionals will no longer be authorized as of January 1st 2018 for speakers and participants. The MedTech Europe Code and related information are available on MedTech Europe website.
About MedTech Europe: The result of the union of European associations of the medical technology industry, MedTech Europe currently includes two members: EDMA, representing the European In Vitro diagnostics industry and Eucomed, representing the European medical device industry.

Dernières nouvelles du 08 oct 2016 : réunion de la FARM
Accès à la spécialité des début 2017 par une commission qui est déjà nommée !
Deux pré-requis seulement :
– Exclusivité d’exercice de la médecine vasculaire, pas d’exercice mixte avec la médecine générale
– capacité médecine vasculaire + au moins 2 ans d’exercice  ou DESC
Remplir la demande de qualification au COM : validation sur dossier




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